Don’t waste money paying a premium for a worthless brand name, when you can wear clothing literally worth its weight in gold!

PLUS:When your polo shirt comes to the end of its life, we will “recycle” your precious metals and transfer them to a new shirt at a low cost.

Classic, Chunky & Timeless Rings For Men Are BACK!

Our collection of Knot Rings and Keeper Rings make a bold statement.

Gold has been recognized since primitive times as a symbol of wealth, luck and confidence.

Handcrafted at our workshop - with three weights to choose from - you can find the perfect statement ring for your hand size!

A Halo Ring Exudes Elegance And Class!

This vintage style of women’s ring originated in the 1920s and has stood the test of time.

A Halo Ring optically enlarges the appearance of your favourite diamond by surrounding it with a circle - or Halo - of smaller diamonds.

If you want the ultimate sparkle that dazzles and captures attention, look no further.

Our unique designs cannot be found anywhere else and we intentionally left a space for the centre diamond, giving you the option to supply your own stone or choose the perfect centrepiece for you.

Every once in a while you come across a ring that stops you in your tracks…

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Stunning Diamond Cross Bracelets To Last A Lifetime!

Our beautiful Diamond Cross bracelets, set in white gold, are the ultimate in luxury and are curved to fit comfortably around the wrist.

The perfect accompaniment for those special occasions where you want to proudly display your faith and look amazing doing it.

With two gauges of Gold chain to choose from, these statement pieces make the perfect anniversary, birthday, Christmas or graduation gift.

You can also choose the exact same design with Swarovski Crystals, if you don’t want to pay Diamond prices.

Sparkling Diamond-Encrusted Cross Pendants

This beautiful diamond cross pendant features both baguette and brilliant cut diamonds that spectacularly reflect light and sparkle like nothing else.

The perfectly cut diamonds are set in white gold and the cross comes in three sizes.

This is a dazzling accessory to any outfit, so treat yourself or someone you love to a gift that will be treasured forever and be passed down to future generations.

Signature Design Belcher Chains

Belcher chains are one of the most popular chains due to their timeless simplicity, combined with their substantial weight.

Many believe the Belcher chain to be named after an early 19th century bare-knuckle boxing champion called Jem Belcher.

The Englishman who was nicknamed the “Black Diamond” captured the imagination of the audience of his day and it’s said the belcher chains were named after him for being both broad and strong.

Our custom design features a mix of texture and smoothness, making this stand out to anyone who sees it.

Available in three weights, it’s a stylish way to invest in gold, while you look and feel great doing it.

In addition to belcher chains, we also produce this exquisite link in both ladies and gents bracelets.

Let’s talk about why you need to learn about Blackwell Jewellers hand made Cuban chains
Handcrafted by master goldsmiths in our UK workshop, these bold chains bring bags of old style class and Charisma.

Each link is filed and shaped by expert hands and skilfully joined to create these HEAVY chains, which are an Investment like no other.

For specific size and price, Please contact us at: 📞 0208 301 5484


A Simple And Safe Way To Invest In British Hallmarked Gold

Join The Golden Movement

Receive a FREE Silver Ingot & Up To 15% Off All Store Items

The Ultimate Investment For Gold Bugs & Collectors

Gold is a great way to invest in the future but it can be difficult to know who you can trust online.

Plus the value of gold has skyrocketed over the last few years, making it hard to build your collection without spending thousands.

Our unique British Hallmarked miniature gold bars make it easy for everyone to start investing in gold, at a level they are comfortable with.

Whether for yourself, a loved one or even the kids or grandkids, everyone loves it when their new gold bar arrives on their doorstep, and can be added to the collection.

You receive a collector’s booklet containing airtight pods to display your growing gold bar collection.

With a choice of receiving 9CT, 18CT or 22CT ingots, you can buy your gold with confidence and invest in the future.


Buy With Confidence Thanks To Our No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee

We know you'll be thrilled with your purchases.

But if, for any reason, you feel you need to return your items, we’ll honour a 30-day money-back guarantee, as long as your items are in their original condition.

(Special orders or modified items are non-refundable.)

With free shipping on orders over £100, you can’t lose.

The History Behind Blackwell Jewellers

Blackwell Jewellers is a family owned business with two physical stores located in Kent.

James Marsh is the main man behind the business.

He started his journey in 1990 as an apprentice. Over 13 years he worked his way to workshop manager before setting his sights on starting his own business.

For 5 years he built a strong client base making & repairing Jewellery for some of the most famous Jewellers in the U.K.

And This Was Only The Beginning!


He opened his first full Jewellery store in Gravesend, Kent in 2008. The business became so successful, he opened a second store in 2015.

James is the founder of innovative fashion brand, Hallmarked Clothing – the ONLY clothing line in the world that carries gold ingots and gold buttons hallmarked by the UK Government Assay Office.

He’s also the founder of Hallmarked Movement, a precious metals subscription service.

He lives in Kent with his wife, Julie, and their daughter, Georgia Rae.

When he’s not crafting bespoke jewellery, James gigs as the lead vocalist and guitarist in Artificial Monkeys – the UK’s biggest Arctic Monkeys tribute band.